Robot DNA Series Programming Robot Controllers

Author:Myke Predko
Titel:Programming Robot Controllers (Tab Electronics)
Verlag:Tab Books , 2002, 275 Seiten + CD-ROM


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Learning to program robot controllers just got a lot easier! In this innovative addition to the "Robot DNA" series, author Myke Predko demonstrates how robot controllers are programmed using the versatile Microchip PICmicro Microcontroller. The focus of the book is on the least understood aspect of robot design; integrating multiple sensors and peripherals software that will work cooperatively and allow for a simple high-level control application. To explain the concepts presented in the book, Myke uses off-the-shelf parts and a "C" programming language compiler that is included on the CD-ROM. Written in a clear, easy-to-understand style, "Programming Robot Controllers" thoroughly explores: how different sensors, outputs, and peripherals can be wired to a microcontroller to work cooperatively and create a high-level control program; the various subsystem functions the controller will have to perform; the basic theory behind output devices, input devices/sensors, and motor control - and how to integrate these devices; how the different interfaces are actually implemented in a microcontroller; how to transport the sample interface and control application codes presented in the book to other microcontrollers; the amazing software development capabilities of MPLAB and PICC Lite C programming language compiler (both included on the CD-ROM); and the Microchip PICmicro PIC16F627, which can be erased and reprogrammed with simple hardware. If you're an amateur robotics hobbyist ready to enjoy the challenge - and rewards - of programming, there's no better coach than Myke Predko. It provides everything you need to program your robot controller: Microcontrollers in Robots; Software Development; The Microchip PICmicro Microcontroller; Microcontroller Connections; Designing the Robot System; and Advanced Programming. The CD-ROM contains: PICMicro Instruction Set Reference; Selected PICMicro MCU datasheets; Microchip MPLAB software and documentation; "El Cheapo" programmer software and building instructions; PICC-Lite Compiler Software and documentation; Source code for sample applications; and HTML links.

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