Robot DNA Series Building Robot Drive Trains

Author:Michael Owings
Titel:Building Robot Drive Trains (Tab Electronics)
Verlag:Tab Books , 2002, 400 Seiten


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This essential title in "McGraw-Hill's Robot DNA" series is just what robotics hobbyists need to build an effective drive train using inexpensive, off-the-shelf parts. Leaving heavy-duty "tech speak" behind, the authors focus on the actual concepts and applications necessary to build - and understand - these critical force-conveying systems. If you're hooked on amateur robotics and want a clear, straight-forward guide to the nuts-and-bolts of drive trains, this is the way to go. It includes everything you need to build your own robot drive train: The Basics of Robot Locomotion, Motor Types - An Overview; Using DC Motors; Using RC Servo Motors; Using Stepper Motors; Motor Mounting; Motor Control; Electronics Interfacing; Wheels and Treads; Locomotion for Multipods; and Glossary of Terms/Tables, Formulas.

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