Robot Building For Beginners

Author:David Cook
Titel:Robot Building for Beginners
Verlag:Apress , 2002, 450 Seiten


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"Robot Building for Beginners" provides basic, practical knowledge on getting started in amateur robotics. Short chapters are perfectly suited for bedtime reading. It contains step-by-step instructions and small, hands-on experiments, including a line-following robot that the reader builds out of a sandwich container. By the end, the reader will make a palm-size solar robot and is also introduced to contests and potential project plans. Learning robotics by yourself isn't easy. It helps when the encouragement comes from someone who's been there. Not only does "Robot Building for Beginners" assist the reader in understanding a particular piece, but prepares them with techniques to learn new parts on their own. Author David Cook begins with the anatomy of a homemade robot and advice on how to proceed successfully. General sources for tools and parts are provided in a consolidated listing and with specific part references throughout each chapter. Basic safety and numbering systems are also covered. An in-depth analysis of digital multimeters gives readers all the information they need to select and obtain this valuable tool for themselves. Other tools and parts include: wire strippers, snips, hack saws, needle nose pliers, tap and die, none-volt batteries, wire, alligator clips, LEDs, capacitors, resistors, solderless breadboards, solderiong irons, solder, flux, heat-shrink tubing, photosensors, transistors, chips, motors, gears, wheels, screwdrivers, wrenches, nutdrivers, screws, bolts, hot glue, and solar panels.

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Das Buch richtig sich an den Robotereinsteiger, der seinen ersten Roboter von Grund auf selbst bauen will. Die Grundlagen der Themen Mechanik und Elektronik werden für Anfänger sehr anschaulich erklärt. Das Thema Mikrocontroller wird nicht behandelt. Als Roboter Projekt wird der Aufbau des 'Linefollower' Roboters Schritt für Schritt erklärt.



 *   geignet                -   weniger geignet
 **  gut gegeignet          --  kaum geignet
 *** sehr gut geeignet      --- gar nicht geeignet